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A Partnership for Perfect Creativity

When I originally created the characters for 'Snow Falls', I had a completely different vision for how the story was going to turn out. Everything was different. My plot line. My characters. My underlying message. Everything.

It wasn't until I met Ray in 2018 that my vision slowly started to change. The more we talked and the more I got to see the 'creative' side of Ray, the more I realized that he truly had a gift and that the world needed to see it. So as our friendship continued to blossom, Ray and I would continue to share ideas on different stories, plots and films that we would love to one day see come to life. One night after these discussions, I completely gutted the 'Snow Falls' novel and started almost from scratch. If you ask any author, they will tell you that an action like that after almost a year of writing is completely crazy; however, after reading some of Ray's small works - I just knew that I had to rewrite the story, with Ray on board.

So here we are, reconstructing 'Snow Falls', and then one day we thought 'what if we make this a trilogy?' and so here we have our first novel, 'Snow Falls: Koshmar' which translates from the Russian word 'The Nightmare'. So when we tell you we are going to bring you a remarkable film, we truly mean that.

We are currently working on the short film version of 'Snow Falls: Koshmar', with a feature in the very near future. The entire 'Snow Falls' trilogy contains an underlying message which raises awareness of veteran PTSD. While I was creating the lead male, Miles Fossler, I just knew that Ray would be the perfect person to portray the role and bring the character to life. Not only has acting alongside Ray been an incredibly amazing experience, hearing about his dedication to not only the novel but to the film as well has been absolutely, breathtakingly wonderful.

We decided that we weren't going to let the creativity stop flowing once we wrap up this trilogy, and so together we formed 'Valentine Productions'. I know that through this incredibly creative partnership, we are going to bring you some incredible works. Not just on the film picturesque side of it, but through the writings as well.

If you were to ask me to summarize how I feel about my partner, Ray Hopper's, creativity - I would tell you that it is absolutely unwavered, and he presents an incredible amount of dedication in everything that he does. He is beyond dedicated to capturing the perfect story, and he puts a lot of effort into bringing the characters to life. He puts a lot of work and research into everything, and I could not be more honored to have someone working by my side as we bring this production company to life. Ray has an incredible gift, and I know that together we aim to bring out the absolute best of the best. Ray's drive for a unique and powerful storyline is the backbone of the Production Company, and he has a magnificent eye for all things that will empower a story. Trust me when I say, he's one of the most motivating and inspirational people in my life. And I know that his stories will inspire all of you as well.

I spent years and years trying to write up a story that I truly believe in and I believe that by combining my creative brain with Ray's artistic one, we absolute have something quite remarkable... and I cannot wait to share with all of you some of the stories, short films and feature films that 'Valentine Productions' is putting together.

'Snow Falls' Trilogy by Julia Valenti and Ray Hopper

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