Below are a List of Growing Novels that have been written and published by Julia Valenti and Ray Hopper. Their first novel together, 'Snow Falls: Koshmar', will grow into a trilogy.



Book One

Captain Alyson Snow is a 3-time deployed combat Veteran who suffers from extreme PTSD. After a complete mental breakdown, Alyson lost everything - her civilian job, her friends, and custody of her daughter. A year of therapy later, Alyson is working on putting her life back together. One day she meets her new neighbor, Miles Fossler, who everyone sees as the stereotypical 'good guy'. Shortly after Alyson starts dating Miles, she begins to grow extremely suspicious. People in the town start going missing, winding up dead days later and Miles stories seem to no longer add up and she suspects her new neighbor is a serial killer. However, when the police and the town refuse to believe her - Alyson takes matters into her own hands to try and prove that not even suburbia is safe.

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Sanctuary Isn't Always Safe

LT MacKenzie Waters, has always known the life of being a soldier. Enduring 2 tours overseas, she no longer fears death. She only fears her secret being discovered, the secret of who she really is. MacKenzie believes to be the last of her kind, following the fall of her country. An Anomic, with the ability to turn into a dignified Siberian tiger. America has been divided into 8 sectors, and everyone is living in a paranoid world. Those who do not follow the new rules, are 86'd away from the only life they know. But when MacKenzie's secret is discovered she is forced to 86 herself, venturing into the woods where she meets Ryder, a stereotypical attractive woodman, with a secret of his own. But MacKenzie's leaving is just the beginning, to a much more wicked plan. With MacKenzie out of the sector, there is no one who can stop the evil tyranny that is falling upon the sector. MacKenzie must chose to embrace her true identity and her legacy and fight back, or lose everything she has ever held dear to her.