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The Story of 'Valentine Productions LLC'

'Valentine Productions LLC.' was created upon the vision that Ray and I share. For awhile we couldn't think of a name that would stick but one day, Ray suggested 'Valentine Productions'. The name, comes from my last name 'which is Valenti' and Ray's birthday is on 'Valentines Day'. So, here we are weeks later - and we have finally been recognized by the State of Pennsylvania as an official LLC. We are extremely excited to bring some incredible film visions for everyone for everyone to enjoy.

We have been asked several times about what kind of films we plan to put forth in the future. To be honest, we have several different variations of visions. Currently, we are working on a project called 'Snow Falls', which is based off of the novel written by both Julia Valenti and Ray Hopper. Once the trilogy is written and completed, we aim to turn those into feature films.

We also have several projects in the works with various businesses in the Philadelphia Area, and we could not be more excited. Whatever your vision is, we are here to help you bring it to life!

Valentine's Production LLC Logo

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