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Two Veterans. One Dream.

Two Veterans. One Dream.


Julia Valenti and Ray Hopper founded Valentine Productions LLC in 2019, after realizing they had a shared vision to change the world with their creative and unique stories.  The duo enjoy performing in all fields of the film set, and are extremely excited to embark on their new film adventures. Having met on the set of 'Friday the 13th: Vengeance', the two owners have an extreme passion for acting, writing and producing. ​


Currently, they are working on a book trilogy, 'Snow Falls', which they will soon be turning into a feature film series.​


They are also releasing a standalone horror novel, titled "Mama". They also have several other projects in the works, all of which present an incredibly unique, powerful and moving storyline.​ Each of the owners are Veterans of the United States Military - Ray having served time in the United States Air Force, and Julia still serves in the United States Army.



Our primary focus is writing stories with powerful messages and then turning them into film projects so that we may continue to spread several important messages to the world. Currently, we have a heavy focus on films centering around Veterans with PTSD in order to raise awareness for the silent nightmare that haunts many of our nations veterans today.

In addition to our fictional stories, we film documentary based series, and video commercials for various businesses. We also work with authors on filming Book Trailers to promote their upcoming novels. 



Exceeding Expectations

Valentine Productions LLC. will not only help you produce your vision -  no matter what type of project you’re looking to create, we’re here to make it reality with our incredible film and production team.

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